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  • Trein Vertraging

    Android app that I created using the open data from the Dutch Railways (NS). The app sends a push notification to warn for delays on frequently traveled train tracks.
    Available in the Play Store

    January 2016
  • Rana Cidu
    #Illustrations #GameDesign #MobileApps

    Illustrations created for the Android app Rana Cidu. In this game the player needs to navigate frog Rana to his girlfriend Cidu by traveling a path along various animals.
    Available in the Play Store

    July 2015
    Vector Fishes

    Vector illustrations of tropical fishes

    June 2014
    Memory Game

    Flash memory game with a set of vector illustrations of different faces around the world

    February 2012
  • Dot and Roll
    #MobileApps #GameDesign

    My first Android app 'Dot & Roll' that uses the device's accelerometer. Tilt your device to move the dot through a colorful and exotic labyrinth.
    Available in the Play Store

    February 2015

    The former queen of the Netherlands, photoshopped as a beer holder. The post card was printed 200.000 times for Queensday 2009 and distributed over the Netherlands by ‘Boomerang Create’.

    April 2009
    Seesaw game

    Flash game with the goal to collect all the yellow pills in the air. Let the animals jump and make them catch all the pills.

    February 2012

    Illustrations of a girly bathroom

    January 2013
    Houdoe & Bedankt

    'Houdoe en bedankt', meaning 'thanks and goodbye' in Dutch (Brabants dialect). This visual was displayed on the Boomerang Art Screens, that can be found at 500 public places like bars and restaurants in The Netherlands.

    May 2010
    Satin Sleepers

    Illustration for my sisters website on satin pillow cases, Satin Sleepers.

    February 2012
    Shooting Game

    Flash game: shoot the ball and match three of the same color.

    December 2010
    Wedding Illustration


    January 2006
    Christmas Card
    #Cards #Illustrations

    Vector illustration of Santa Claus

    October 2010




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